5 Best Soccer Drills for Kids

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Need some kids soccer drill ideas? Youth soccer drills are great for building and sustaining proper technique, coordination, stamina, and overall team chemistry. Depending on the drill, other areas can be improved such as communication and mental skills. In this article, Kid Soccer Hub will highlight our top 5 soccer drills for kids that you can use with your junior team to help improve ball control, speed, movement, and more.

Basic Ball Control

One of the most common drills that teachers use with beginners is tossing the ball around. This will help the player develop control of the ball and improve their speed. To do this drill, have the players form a circle on the ground. The player with the ball must toss the ball toward one of the players in the circle, and the player must try to control the ball as quickly as possible. After the player has controlled the ball, they must then pass it on to the next player in the circle.

The Dribble Drill

One of the most important skills a soccer player can learn is dribbling with the ball at his feet. This technique allows you to control the ball and keep it in play.

To dribble with the ball, first, make sure you have a good grip on the ball. You should be able to hold it easily and spin it around your feet. Once you have a good grip on the ball, you need to learn how to control it. To do this, you need to keep your feet moving and use your ankles and legs to thrust the ball forward.

Fast Forward & Backward

This drill is great for rebounding and controlling the ball. Set up two lines of players about 30 feet apart and have the players kick the ball back and forth in a zig zag fashion. The ball should start at one end of the first line, and eventually end up at the opposite end of the second line. Then, repeat the drill going the other way. If you want to add some flair to the drill, have the kids pass to others adjacently in their own line before passing across the 30 foot gap. 

Zig-Zag Soccer

This drill is great for coaches who want to improve their players’ agility. Set up a square or rectangle formation with training cones and have the players run through the formation in a rectangular route while zigging and zagging between cones and trying to keep the ball as close to them as possible while they dribble. As they run around the formation, they should alternate which side of the cones they are dribbling around. For example if a junior player dribbles to the left of a cone, then they should dribble around the right side of the next cone and so on.

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Soccer Battleship

This is a fun soccer drill that is perfect as an “end of practice” game. Divide your players into two teams. Create a sizeable square field with small disc cones, including a dividing line in the middle of the playing area. Then place five to ten taller cones in two rows, one on each side of the halfway divider (near the back of each half). Toss five to ten soccer balls onto the field and explain to your kids that the first team to knock over all of the other team’s cones, wins the game. Players must stay on their half of the field, but they are allowed to try and block the other team’s incoming shots. 

While this game is incredibly fun for a wide range of ages, (it was my favorite soccer drill as a child) it also really helps to improve both kicking accuracy and overall defense.

Try These Drills Out With Your Youth Soccer Team

Young beginners often feel out of their league when playing organized soccer. However, with the right drills, it is easy to sharpen their fundamental skills, which can eventually lead to a competitive edge. 

The soccer drills for kids that we went over can help your players improve their balance, footwork, passing, shooting, team chemistry, and mental game. Some of these drills are so fun that they could even be considered as “games”! 

So, give these drills a try, and you will likely see the overall development of your youth soccer team occur at a quicker pace. And if you have any questions regarding youth soccer coaching, feel free to send us a message.